Tongariro National Park New Zealand

Tongariro National Park New Zealand

Tongariro National Park New Zealand

An Adventerous Visit To Tongariro National Park New Zealand

Tongario National Park is the oldest park in the New Zealand. It’s the most beautiful and completely different from the whole world. It’s located in the middle of the Northen island and provide the breathtaking views as well.
Tongariro National Park NZYou are gradually attracted towards the snow capped volcanoes that creates the magical spell around you and the peace over there brings the spiritual inner peace. You may feel a bit scary over there but the pure nature provides a supportive and protective charm that wraps you firmly and provides the blissful nature hug.

Be with me, here’s the best part:

Tongariro Alpine crossing

New Zealand is famous for the Tongariro Crossing. Tongariro Alpine Crossing is the most famous hike day and it is worth exploring for. They all gather with all red and orange rocks with blue chasing sky. Don’t forget to take a selfie over there.

Weather Conditions in Tongariro:

The most important thing to notice there is the weather Tongariro conditions, as in the hot summer days the wind is still killing so you have to do some extra care for that. While on the suitable weather conditions make sure that you have a perfect gear. While doing hiking you find nature more amazing and worth watching magical views add the creative spell in the glance.


The Chateau Tongariro Hotel provides the best rooms for the visitors with all the other facilities at a very reasonable price. It provides a timeless elegance to the visitors with preserving all of its history and traditions.
It is located at the Whakapapa Village that is in the middle of the Tongariro National Park. It provides the best landscapes to the visitors and mouth watering food is  another piece of the story. You get other facilities, according to your selected budget.

Tongariro Walking Tracks

Tongariro National Park New ZealandTongariro Walk
is most exploring experience ever. This is a must suggestion from my side. Soda Spring to South Crater is quite enjoying to exploring the quiet moments with yourself. But a bit of care is needed, as the surface is not really smooth.
Once you crossed the South Crater, then head forward towards the Red Crater. You will find nature smiling. Don’t miss your way towards the blue Lake, the shores create a rhythmic sound and peace around you.

Tongariro National Park Location

Tongariro National Park location