Rotorua weather

Rotorua Weather


Rotorua weather

Rotorua weatherRotorua, New Zealand has a warm, pleasant weather thanks to the high altitude of about 950 ft. When compared to various other places in New Zealand, we come to know that there is less wind in Rotorua. It is because Rotorua is away from the coast and on the south and east it is protected by the high country. This place has an average rainfall of 1400 mm and rains spread throughout the year with more showers in winter are characteristic of weather Rotorua. During the months of January, February and March the weather in Rotorua is the warmest. During these months the average maximum temperature will be 78 degrees F. The coolest weather for Rotorua is during the months June, July and August. During this period the lowest temperature will be 50 degrees F. The geothermal activity, the forests, mountains, rivers, lakes and the very pleasant weather in Rotorua had made it a popular tourist destination in the world.

Weather forecasts online

Activities on WaihekeWeather forecast Rotorua is provided by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute as well as Finish Meteorological Institute. These forecasts are of the best quality and details about weather for Rotorua are available from the websites like, and From these websites one can get the Rotorua weather hourly forecasts also. 10 day weather forecast Rotorua is also made by these websites. Those who subscribe to the weather forecast publishers can receive the daily weather forecast Rotorua by Email and from the report one can know the highest and lowest temperature at a particular time and also the highest wind speed.

The best time to visit Rotorua

Those who go through the weather Rotorua reports of the whole year can easily find out the best time to go to Rotorua and the most ideal months for tourists to make their trip to Rotorua. The Rotorua weather is the best during the months of January, February, March, November and December. From the annual weather forecast Rotorua it is clear that the rainy seasons for this place are March, June, July, August, September and December. The weather in Rotorua is the warmest in February and the coolest in August. The visitors who do not like too much rain may avoid the trip to Rotorua in the month of March since March is the wettest month here. Those who refer the weather forecast Rotorua can gather more information regarding the weather for Rotorua in each month and the weather forecast websites provide graphics showing the average weather observations.


Since Rotorua is surrounded by hills weather Rotorua never goes to extreme levels. Though Rotorua gets winds at times there are no cyclones and though weather in Rotorua brings heavy rains sometimes, there will be no major floods. The summer in Rotorua is not very hot and hence it is quite comfortable. Throughout summer the climate here will be hot and dry. Those who happen to be in Rotorua in the summer season are advised to carry with them light tops with long sleeves, sunscreen, glasses and hats to protect their skin from UV rays.

Autumn, winter and spring

Weather in Rotorua is mild and warm during spring and autumn. Those who visit Rotorua during these seasons should have warm clothing with them. During winter weather in Rotorua will be fine for some days but will be chill for the rest of the days. The icy winds from the Antarctics will freeze the southern part of the city. Sometimes during the winter there will be thick frosts on the roads in the city and as a result the roads will be slippery for vehicles as well as pedestrians.