Rotorua Activities

Rotorua Activities

What to do in Rotorua

rotorua-new-zealandRotorua is one of the largest tourist destination in New Zealand and is one among the most popular tourist destinations the world over. Rotorua is considered as a geothermal paradise for more than 150 years. The pink and white terraces, the hot water springs, the bubbling mud pools and the Maori villages are the most distinctive Rotorua attractions. Those who want to plan their vacation trip to Rotorua will be naturally eager to know what to do in Rotorua. In fact, things to do in Rotorua are many. The different Rotorua activities of the tourists include visiting the traditional Maori villages like Whakarewarewa, Tamaki Maori, Te Puia, Mitai and the Buried Village. The evening cultural programs include dance, music, story-telling and the traditional feast for which the dishes are prepared in the ground that is steaming.

Marine Spa, Lake Rotorua and the marine volcano

Lake RotoruaOn reaching the vibrant city of Rotorua the tourists realize that there are a lot of things to do in Rotorua. In Rotorua City there are several spas and massage centers. The thermal facilities provided by the spa provide the best relaxation to the visitors. The luxurious spas and the mineral pools are among the greatest Rotorua attractions. The mineral pools are the best for healing and the world-class thermal spa facilities provide the best solutions for rejuvenating. Just a walk around the bubbling mud pools, the thermal parks, lakes, silica terraces and the colorful waters in the pools is highly relaxing. Those who like to have really adventurous Rotorua activities can board the helicopter to White Island and view the marine volcano that is really active. Those who want to enjoy the scenic beauty of Rotorua can either take the paddle steamer cruise on Lake Rotorua or board the Rotorua Duck, the amphibious landing craft of the military. This will be an enjoyable trip for all members of the family.

Mt Ngongotata

Rotorua lugeThe Agrodome farm and the Rainbow Spring’s Wildlife Park are also among the Rotorua attractions. Among the many things to do in Rotorua the visitors can give food to the trout and also watch the iconic kiwi of New Zealand. In the Agrodome farm one can watch the sheep shearing program. The tourists can enjoy the panoramic views of Rotorua from the top of Mount Ngongotata. There they can relax for some time and also taste the wine from the Volcanic Hill Winery. Among the various Rotorua activities the exciting ride to the top of the mount by the Skyline Gondola is one of the most interesting as well as thrilling ones. Those who want to enjoy an up and down hill ride can ride on the Skyswing or the fast moving Skyline luge.

What are the adventurous Rotorua activities?

zorbThose who want to know what to do in Rotorua will be highly delighted when they know about the many adventurous activities they can have in Rotorua. Some of the Rotorua activities that are really adventurous are sure to make the trip to Rotorua memorable. The highly adventurous Rotorua activities include white water rafting on the river Kaituna, rolling down the hill on a huge ball called Zorb which is made of plastic, zooming in the lake in a jet boat, riding the Shweeb, the bungy jump and the wind tunnel free fall. The less adventurous Rotorua activities include mountain biking, horse trekking and the off-road Quad adventure.

The list of things to do in Rotorua is indeed very long. Many people visit Te Puia since the hot springs and geysers there are among the great Rotorua attractions. Those who are on a budget tour can see plenty of Rotorua geysers free while walking around the town.