Fiordland National Park New Zealand

Fiordland National Park New Zealand

The Beauty of Fiordland National Park

Fiordland National Park is located  in the bottom south island in New Zealand. It is one of the best kept secrets of nz with glacier-carved mountains and heavenly views.  Fiordland Park consist of a large area covering forest trail, crystal clear water,native birds and natural forest. If you are lookng to get away from all the hussel and stress of life and want to just be with one with nature then this is the place to be.

Fiordland national park lodge

Fiordland national park lodgeFiordland national park lodge is a beautiful facility is located in Fiordland National Park. It provides accommodation of three kinds. Some units of this lodge have an area for seating where one can relax, and others are designed to enable one to have a view of the mountains and the lakes while the rest have kitchen facilities for all the guests. This place is well known for its fishing and hiking activities. The lodge is also strategically positioned because it is approximately 43 kilometers from Fiordland national park. It is also located 25 kilometers from the Fiordland Cinema. It is a wonderful place for excursions and field walk. This lodge is well rated because of its proximity to the Anau Downs as guests have shown more interest in the Anau Downs compared to other area`s properties. Guests normally get more satisfaction for their money when compared to the rest of property in the city.

Fiordland National Park activities

Fiordland National Park activitiesThere are a lot of enjoyable activities that one can be engaged in Fiordland National Park. There is an availability of scuba diving as well as snorkeling. While there you will have the opportunity to see the popular black coral and other wonderful underwater features. There are charter boats which are used for diving and snorkeling. There are dog walking areas in the park where you can exercise your dog. These places include Manapouri, Ivon Wilson Park and Fergus square reserve. There is also Darran Mountains which provide a wonderful climbing experience ever. There is the Borland Road which has an exciting rock climbing area that is usually used by field study groups. There are several wonderful creatures that are interesting to see. There is a bird known as the Takahe that is unable to fly because of its body size. This bird was thought to have become extinct, but it was rediscovered in Fiordland Mountains. This park is also the home of the world`s flightless parrot Kakapo. Therefore, Fiordland is the home of the world`s most rare bird species that everyone would want to see in his or her life. Fiordland has several lakes and rivers where one can enjoy boating. Some of these include Lake Monawai, Lake Hauroko, Lake Te Anau and river Waiau.


Fiordland National Park is located in the south island of New Zealand. It is the biggest of all the fourteen national parks in New Zealand with an approximated area of 12500 km SQ.

Fiordland national park NZ